Sunday, February 5, 2012

# 2 and going accross the pond

Announcement #2

guess who is headed to Europe that right this guy. Not only am i going to Europe but it why I am going. You see I got asked to play bass for my childhood hero band 7 S E C O N D S.
When I was a kid i listened to this band every day and in a way they changed he way I looked at life for a good way. A little back ground on them they started in 1980 and have influenced pretty much every punk rock band that came after 84. I mean heck they took Blink 182 on there first US tour. Well back in 94 I met them in Chicago and every time i saw them for the next few years i would help them load in gear and talk to them. Then in 99 I flew out to see them in Pacific NW and helped them on a 3 day weekend and worked on Steve's bass. Well that summer they asked me to be the crew on there Summer Warped tour and i have worked for them ever since. Well Steve can't get to Europe this march due to work so Kevin asked me to Fill in. So here I am headed to Europe rocking out with my Favorite band. There will be lots of pics and updates. Here are the dates:
04/19/12 Hannover, GER
04/20/12 Oberhausen, GER
04/21/12 Leisnig ,GER
04/22/12 Poznan ,PL
04/23/12 Wien, AU
04/24/12 Milan, IT
04/25/12 Gorizia, IT
04/26/12 Stuttgart, GER
04/27/12 Freiburg, GER
04/28/12 Fulda  , GER
04/29/12 Meerhout , BE
04/30/12 Rotterdam , NL
05/01/12 Paris  , FR
05/02/12 Trier, GER
05/03/12 Vitoria, ESP
05/04/12 Lisbon, POR
05/05/12 Madrid, ESP
05/06/12 Badalona, ESP

And finally a sample lyrics from the band

"Not Just Boys Fun" 7 S E C O N D S

Man you've gotta problem, who made you fuckin' king
A macho pig with nothing in your head.
No girls around you, their place is not at gigs,
Don't want 'em on the dance floor 'cos they're weak.
A woman's place, the kitchen, on her back,
It's time to change that attitude, and quick.
Showing us your phobias, you're scared to see 'em think,
You'd rather dress 'em up in pretty lace,
All nice and colored pink.
You feel so fucking threatened,
When they stand out in front,
A stupid, passive piece of meat is all you really want
But it's:
Not just boys' fun [4x]
There's girls who put out fanzines, others put on shows,
Yet they're not allowed to get out on the floor.
Some make the music, well that you can accept.
Hell, maybe live you'll get some tits and ass
You fucking moron, your brains have run amuck,
A girl's only lot in life is not to fuck!

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