Wednesday, November 30, 2011

one gut staple free!

Had my doctor follow up today. As much as i wanted to go I so didn't wan to go. I work nights so the day before going back to work i flip back to nights by staying up all night. Well I get the family up in the mornign and get them out the door and try to go to bed. The key word is "try" I layed there for about 30 minutes which for me is 29 minutes longer than it should take. I then got up and did not fall asleep till 11 ish I had to be up at 2 for the doctor. uuuggggggg! But i went, lucky for me it was uber quick i was out in an hour total. First step was them removing the staples!!! So much better I was so over the staples. So after that the doc comes in and he looks at the wounds and was like ok looks great any questions and he was out of there. Must of had a golf game. Any way I got my appointment for my first fill which is Dec 28th! I really for the most part haven't been to hungry the mushies are going good

Friday, November 25, 2011

Week one weigh in and one goal down

Well THursady was my weigh in day and what doe sthe scale say......
13.2 Pounds ah ah ah to be exact and the count is exact!!! Yep fellow bandsters I lost 13.2 lbs so far and while in bandster hell to boot. Alice is very proud of me and my restraint over the last week. I was on liquids til yesterday but i was cooking for the wife and kids and managed not to cheat at it and stayed on liquids mind you by day 3 i was so sick of liquids but a quick trip to the store to get a different soup made a huge difference. I also made a protein packed Cuban Black bean soup which is damn good.

I also had my first NSV as well my 42" jeans now will fall straight off my waist. I have them held up with a belt and that will be the case till i fit into the 38's i own!!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

So where were we oh yes I was making out with my wife.... Every surgery is a different experience or should I say every trip with Anastasia. This time i woke up and had to go to the bathroom sooooo bad. I mean i thought i was going to piss the bed. So i ask for the urinal and try to go. I swear my brain is completely wired so I can not pee in a bed even when trying. So it was complete misery until I got to my room. So after crawling out of bed to the bath room to take a piss. Mind you with the amount of fluids they were pumping into me I did the i kid you not every 35 minutes.

So this was my view for the over night visit. It was not to bad the tv was good and I had a morphine pump and this

This is the pain buster ball. basically it drips numbing stuff inside you stomach through a tube so the area stays numb good idea let me tell you.
SO they let me out about 30 hours after the surgery and Alice drove me home. Picked up 50 loratab on the way home. What can i say the doc does not like pain apparently.
The heal up was not to bad i was in very little real pain and almost no gas pain. I will say the noises in the bathroom were epic. you almost had to cheer for them.

Here are my insions

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sitting in the dark

Well the power went out might as well update. The surgery was a success and I made it out alive I have pics but I will get to those later. First funny story of the day. After i was stuck with my iv and talked to the doc the game me the calming cocktail well appear fly it makes me want to make out with my wife she told me later the people were waiting to wheel me back and I pulled her over and started making out with her. Yeah go me!!!! It wasn't till after surgery I was showing my dick to everyone again

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Day 1 of the liquid preop diet, hows it going you ask...well I did not cheat. But i swear i would of clubbed a baby seal for a slice of pizza the kid was eating.
I have been knocking back the sugar free jello like it is was free ;) Which brings me to a slight problem. I do not like artificial sweeteners. The give me a stomach ache and the after taste ugggg. I know this something i am just going have to put on my big boy panties and get used to but i don't wanna that's for sure.

Now the water and jello is alright but then... I came to broth. Now as we all know broth is boring but when you have not had anything good all day I took a drink......
This is my actual face!

Monday, November 14, 2011 midddddddddddnighhhhhhhhttttt

What was I doing...Well eating the last of the big meals, good bye old life. Now mind you during this meal I started to get the twitches of a panic attack. A whole bunch of what the hell of i done!!!!!!! That and a fear of chewing, that's right i said chewing....

Back story , my teeth are not the greatest I have what are called "punk rock teeth" one to many microphones smashed into my mouth does not do wonders for teeth. But the real damage came from my beam radiation when I had cancer. The doc said if you are lucky you will get to keep your teeth... awesome. MY fronts are still good but my back molars are slowly going the way of the buffalo. 2 are completely gone, another is about 3/4 gone and the other one has been rebuilt by  very creative dentistry student. It is very common for me to go .ummmm fuck just lost another piece of tooth.

So anyway when i am eating if chewing gets difficulty or painful i tend just to swallow it down, this will be a problem , I am sure i will figure it out but it made me a little panicky

awesome is the wife

My wife Alice rocks!!! Today was my last supper so to speak. So she skipped some study time which is big deal and fixed me a most awesome dinner. I wont go into the food porn details but it was amazing and I love her

Sunday, November 13, 2011

And because it is cute


And they said let there be ROCK!!!!!

In the land of my chubby punk rock life I have had the pleasure of playing in a few bands. Some bigger than others, some just local. Regardless I have a lot of pics. So i am sharing cause...
One:i can't talk about my belly all the time
Two i am waiting for my band so I don't have much on that band front.
Three I am posting whore
I am in the middle the one with the red face from high blood pressure who looks like he is going to stroke out

In Cinncinatti keep ing a close eye on my pick

Me with long ass hippy hair, and good lord i am on my knees alot

Me rocking black indi-rock hair

Me in Anahiem, CA 2000

The last day....

Well today (Monday) is the last day of unrestricted foods before the liquids come. The end of FoodAgeddon if you will. I am lloking forward to the last meal, what is it you ask the wifes fried chicken. then after that liquids for the next 3 weeks then mushy food. Something tells me I will no longer get tasty treats like this ;)
MAgic says it will be alright and help my hand

children the love of our lives....

I was going through some photos so i am sure you'll see some of them tonight. My youngest left me this after I at the last piece of cake awhile back.

I don't know why he would think this..

Saturday, November 12, 2011


What are my goals?…….

• tie my skates with out breathing hard
• Tie my skates while in a sitting position not have to get on one knee
• have my gut be even with my chest
• fit comfortable in a XL t shirt
• be off my blood pressure meds
• Not need diabetic meds
• Bench press my weight 5x
• get rid of man tits
• look good in my favorite shirt from 1999

Weight goals

258 lbs 20 pounds down
249 lbs ( i have never been able to break the 250 mark)
248 lbs 30 pounds down
238 lbs 40 pounds down
228 lbs 50 pounds down
218 lbs 60 pounds down
208 lbs70 pounds down
198 lbs 80 pounds down
188 lbs 90 pounds down The final goal BMI 24.1 and a normal weight

my missed 10 things thursday

• I am only a few days away from my surgery and i am very excited. I am totally at the knocking on the doctors office door and saying lets get this job done!

• My wife just about to take her LPN exam licence test. she is going to rock it.

• Even though I am getting surgery and will be in pain I am totally thinking this is going to be awesome cause i am off work for a week

• Right now I am obsessed with the game Batman: Arkam City

• I have not bought any of my supplies for surgery .. I know get on it.

• Where did every one get the small forks and such?

• I need more followers... I am an attention whore hahaha

• I need to make my goal list

• Did anyone else have a Pain Buster Ball post surgery? I get one

• I am just bed for the animals

Friday, November 11, 2011

The dreaded before pics!

In this corner weighing in at.......

Yep it was bound to happen the dreaded before pics and the measurements. I actually don't mind cause i know this is the start and i have no problem with being half naked but who wants to throw out the begging pics we just want the afters. So i did my official weigh in. this on my bathroom scale and the only one i really care about all the doctors scales are different and can suck it

Now that we have the weight lets get to my measurements awww yeah!!! You know when boys get a tape measure you know they are going to measure everything (yes even that hey i heard it gets bigger with weight loss, I am testing the theory ever little bit helps!)

Neck 18"
Chest 48"
Gut 51"
Waist 48"
Right Thigh 24"
Left Thigh 23"
Left Bicep 12.5"
Right Bicep 13.5"
Left Forearm 13"
Right Forearm 13"
Right Calf 16"
Left Calf 16"

And the before shots. I am modeling in my oh so attractive hockey jock complete with Velcro garters I know all the cool kids will be wearing them! Photos taken by the lovely Miss Alice ! And yes i do have the nerdiest tattoos

Big kitty face!

Well guess who got a new Iphone...this guy. I am happy cause new shinny things are good but I have been with out a phone for 2 weeks and I have been taking the teenagers phones (cause they got droids) If you have teenagers you will know taking a teens phone is the equivalent of stepping on a lego I am glad to be past that. Magic likes the 8 megapixil camera as well

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

You know your as nerd when you get excited to read an interview with none other than Dr. Teeth & The Electric Mayhem!!!! (and yes I read the whole thing in there voices)

hey new peeps!

Howdy to my new followers!! if you are new drop me a link to your blog I have not quite figured out how to to to blogs unless there is a link:)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Having a rockstar step dad never hurts

This is Matt Nathanson. (yes we were that close) My daughter has a unhealthy crush on him. Who can blame her I have one as well. I saw him as an unknown opening act for Pink when she was doing her club tour. Totally got my socks rocked off.  So some time later I introduced Matt to Rachel and she has been in love ever since.  Now the night I was him in Indy I got the chance to meet him he was hanging outside selling his CD and was a good guy he shot the shit for a while, a quality guy in my opinon. Well fast forward a few years and a few hits later. Rachel finally managed to get to see him in Stlouis but no one would go with her so she asked me knowing I am always down for a road trip. Actually the last thing i wanted to do was drive 4 hours to see anyone but I was looking forward to getting some quality time with her since she moved out i take time with her when ever  i can get it.
So we drive out to St louis and the opening act (Scars on 45) was real good and the finally MAtt hits the stage. He was just as good as I remember and my daughter was in Love!!!

Now before we left she told her boy friend she was not coming back cause Jim somehow manages to get backstage and when I meet Matt we are getting married and I am not coming back... Well Jim has great luck / mad skillz ....

Once again I'll say it Matt is a real good guy. he took time to sign an autograph and have a conversation with Rachel he they leaned in on a bar table and laughed and smiled. Let me tell you I had a happy daughter and for a brief minute i was a cool dad.

I was unavoidably detained

Sorry it has been  a couple of days but as you can see from the picture totally not my fault. Fatty Boom Catty was saying blogging will not be happening today.

Friday was my EKG and it went with out a hitch. It went rather quick actually. I think it took longer to put the nipple stickers on. Which is the part we all look forward too, who does not love nipple stickers!

As the day draws closer i am getting anxious I just want to get the ball rolling and looking forward to the ol weigh ins. I have been weighing in daily and I have been holding regardless of eating like shit. Which makes me wonder how much I can loose when I actually am trying. I put in 3000 calories or more easy a day and still maintain. So at 1200 are these pounds going to come flying off? hmmm makes you wonder

Thursday, November 3, 2011


1. I am so glad this is the last day of a 7 day 12 hour a day work week.

2. My new iphone can get here anytime it wants seriously

3. I love my wife and thinks she is the prettiest girl out there

4. I just downloaded Eddie Rabbits greatest hits and i am kind of excited about ...don't you judge me

5. Have my heart check tomorrow for surgery

6. My fantasy football teams need to get with the program.

7. I moved to Louisville from Chicago 18 years ago I have been looking for a real Italian Beef sandwich since I left. Found a place the other day 2 weeks before Lap Band... Cruel irony

8.  Thank God it is payday

9. I have 36,752 Songs in my itunes

10. 2 weeks til surgery

Like a bat out of hell i'll be gone when the Esophagogastroduodenoscopy comes

OK this should catch me up. Doc Shina said I need to get a Esophagogastroduodenoscopy before the lap band, so he schedules one for me. For those who did not get one basically they sedate you and put a camera down your mouth. No it is li9ke a surgery where you go through all the prep but no cutting.
So with that in mind that morning i am getting ready and I realize no clean underwear...I am like the heck with it i got to get stripped down for surgery any way so I roll commando. So I get to the hospital and the lady hands me a gown and says get changed but you can leave your underwear on.... UM Houston we have a problem. I figure no one will know so I strip down and get the gown on and everything is covered.
The nurse comes and tells me they are going to give me a sedative that will make me legally drunk for 24 hours and will severely effect my memory. Now for those that don't know I don't drink EVER! so this could be very interesting but how bad could it be right...Well apparently after the scope i was DRUNK! and I was showing my dick to everyone. Alice was there and when I sat up and tossed my legs off the side of the gurney I was just like HELLO WORLD. So the nurse sends her for the car and i proceed to get dressed and i just lose the robe and am like capt no modesty nd the world is my stage. So after my lack of fashion show I get put in the wheel chair. And at that moment i guess sitting in the wheel chair I got the idea that "hey I have wheels I must be speed racer.
So I stole the wheel chair. Now in my mind i was going 100 mph (insert me making vroom sound) the wind flipping through my hair.
Reality i moving like an inch every 5 seconds
The nurses are in hot pursuit " you can't catch me fools!"
Me moving so slow the nurses just watching
OH no a wall (Screeching breaks noooooooooooooo) CRASH!!!!
Reality i bump into the wall and stop I hear the nurses say leave him there he can destroy anything there.

Oh yeah scope says all clear!!!

Enter the Shina

So as i am recaping lets pick up shall we....I get to meet my sureon/ Doctor..Dr. Mark Shina (oh doctor doctor...yeah i just made a Thompson Twins refrence get on my level!!)
Now my doc seems to be a stright shooter a no no nonsense kind of guy. His first words were if you think the band is going to do all the work you are mistaken. This band is a tool and is only as good as the person wielding it.... Did he just say get to wield a lap band?!? I AM CONAN OF THE LAPBAND!!!!! we should get along just fine. HE has set my wait goal at 200!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Versatile: ver-sa-tile [vur-suh-tl] or, especially British, [vur-suh-tahyl]: capable of, or adapted for, turning easily from one to another various tasks, fields of endeavor, etc.: a versatile writer.

Word information source:

Here is how the award works:

1. You thank the person who presented you with the award.

2. You tell 7 things about yourself.

3. You award 15 other newly discovered bloggers
Well i have been blessed with the Hat trick of the versatile Blogger award  from rockbandbarbie , lapbandgals, bandipes So thank you to you all :)

7 things

1.  I have tattoos.. and not small ones I have 8 in all

2. I love bracletes and i wear alot of them.

3. I play guitar and have played professionally (enough where i had to file taxes on it.) but I actually got to be the MEsa/Boogie Amp Catalog. The funny thing was i didn't know they were going to put me in it. I was looking though the catalog and though hey that guy looks familiar.
Here is the cover.. yes i am sharing pages with the foo fighters and creed
Here the actual photo full size

4.  Growing up my favorite band in the world was 7 Seconds. I was a total fan boy. Oddly enough years later i wound up working for them and toured with them and still do to this day.

5. I have easily been to over 700 concerts

6. I am really good at scrabble but i can not spell to save my life. This really infuriates the people i play with

7. I ate 4 philly cheesesteaks in one sitting ( 2 from genos 2 from pats) I really need the lap band

people to check out

Pretty much anyone following me i am new :)


I keep reading about all the fun you guys have @ boobs! Must admit I am little jealous I do not have boobs why do only girls get boobs ;) I need to start BALLS (Boys All Loving Lapbands) :) yeah thats the ticket

Tapping the vain

Went and had my pulmonary testing today pretty cut and dry except for when they decided to take my blood for an arterial blood gas test. If you did not have this done basically it is  big as needle in your wrist. I knew it was going to be  unpleasant, but holy hell i was checking to make sure she did not go through the other side.

Have you ever had a doctor who would ask you questions but would not listen to the answers you respond with? The pulmonary doc asked if i used a cpap machine and I responded with "I love my cpap machine, been using it for 9 years" then over the next 15 min he goes on and on about how to make sure i take it with me and make sure i use it. Umm i just told you i love it... on and on he goes until i jumped up on to the desk and yelled YES YES IT IS A MIRACLE I WILL USE THE CPAP MACHINE PRAISE THE LORD FOR SENDING THIS ANGEL TO TELL ME THIS NEWS!!!!!!"

well not real but you could see me doing it right ?