Monday, November 21, 2011

So where were we oh yes I was making out with my wife.... Every surgery is a different experience or should I say every trip with Anastasia. This time i woke up and had to go to the bathroom sooooo bad. I mean i thought i was going to piss the bed. So i ask for the urinal and try to go. I swear my brain is completely wired so I can not pee in a bed even when trying. So it was complete misery until I got to my room. So after crawling out of bed to the bath room to take a piss. Mind you with the amount of fluids they were pumping into me I did the i kid you not every 35 minutes.

So this was my view for the over night visit. It was not to bad the tv was good and I had a morphine pump and this

This is the pain buster ball. basically it drips numbing stuff inside you stomach through a tube so the area stays numb good idea let me tell you.
SO they let me out about 30 hours after the surgery and Alice drove me home. Picked up 50 loratab on the way home. What can i say the doc does not like pain apparently.
The heal up was not to bad i was in very little real pain and almost no gas pain. I will say the noises in the bathroom were epic. you almost had to cheer for them.

Here are my insions

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