Monday, November 14, 2011 midddddddddddnighhhhhhhhttttt

What was I doing...Well eating the last of the big meals, good bye old life. Now mind you during this meal I started to get the twitches of a panic attack. A whole bunch of what the hell of i done!!!!!!! That and a fear of chewing, that's right i said chewing....

Back story , my teeth are not the greatest I have what are called "punk rock teeth" one to many microphones smashed into my mouth does not do wonders for teeth. But the real damage came from my beam radiation when I had cancer. The doc said if you are lucky you will get to keep your teeth... awesome. MY fronts are still good but my back molars are slowly going the way of the buffalo. 2 are completely gone, another is about 3/4 gone and the other one has been rebuilt by  very creative dentistry student. It is very common for me to go .ummmm fuck just lost another piece of tooth.

So anyway when i am eating if chewing gets difficulty or painful i tend just to swallow it down, this will be a problem , I am sure i will figure it out but it made me a little panicky

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  1. Yeah I feel you on that one. I have braces right now and the constant chewing with braces is just not a good mix! You get used to it though and figure out things that work for you.