Saturday, November 12, 2011

my missed 10 things thursday

• I am only a few days away from my surgery and i am very excited. I am totally at the knocking on the doctors office door and saying lets get this job done!

• My wife just about to take her LPN exam licence test. she is going to rock it.

• Even though I am getting surgery and will be in pain I am totally thinking this is going to be awesome cause i am off work for a week

• Right now I am obsessed with the game Batman: Arkam City

• I have not bought any of my supplies for surgery .. I know get on it.

• Where did every one get the small forks and such?

• I need more followers... I am an attention whore hahaha

• I need to make my goal list

• Did anyone else have a Pain Buster Ball post surgery? I get one

• I am just bed for the animals


  1. I bought baby spoons/forks. You can also but those little seafood/cocktail forks at various places (kitchen stores, TJ Max, etc).

    I have completely enjoyed my week off of work...will hate going back on Tuesday :(

  2. That's about how my animals too!

  3. You can get the small forks and utensils in the baby section :) Trust me they work great, and not too expensive.

    I carry the plastic ones in my purse and have some in my desk, so there is NEVER an excuse to not use them.

  4. You shouldnt be in too much pain... I was Ok after two days or so... Liquid pain meds work wonders.