Friday, November 11, 2011

The dreaded before pics!

In this corner weighing in at.......

Yep it was bound to happen the dreaded before pics and the measurements. I actually don't mind cause i know this is the start and i have no problem with being half naked but who wants to throw out the begging pics we just want the afters. So i did my official weigh in. this on my bathroom scale and the only one i really care about all the doctors scales are different and can suck it

Now that we have the weight lets get to my measurements awww yeah!!! You know when boys get a tape measure you know they are going to measure everything (yes even that hey i heard it gets bigger with weight loss, I am testing the theory ever little bit helps!)

Neck 18"
Chest 48"
Gut 51"
Waist 48"
Right Thigh 24"
Left Thigh 23"
Left Bicep 12.5"
Right Bicep 13.5"
Left Forearm 13"
Right Forearm 13"
Right Calf 16"
Left Calf 16"

And the before shots. I am modeling in my oh so attractive hockey jock complete with Velcro garters I know all the cool kids will be wearing them! Photos taken by the lovely Miss Alice ! And yes i do have the nerdiest tattoos


  1. You are going to be so glad you took before pics and measurements. I took the pics but not the measurements. I regret that. I"m so excited for you.

  2. YAY for the before pics and measurements... When the scale doesnt move but you look at the measurements you will feel so much better!

  3. You will be glad you took these. You will hate them perhaps, but very glad you took them. The transformation will be amazeballs!!!!