Saturday, March 31, 2012

60 ...hit it!!!!!

Well call it a mile stone, call it what you will but this young man stepped on the scale this morning I was treated with such a pleasant surprise...217.6 lbs that's right people 60 pounds down !!!!! I can say with full gusto with no rounding of the numbers I hit 60 today I must today is a good day. The weight has been coming of slow lately. But it comes off and in all honesty I don't think I was eating enough cause on the days I " ate like crap" I lost. So here is to 60 down and more to come

Monday, March 5, 2012

Tour 2012

In the next month there is going to be alot of Rock tour post along with my "Band on the Run" of touring and trying to keep my protien levels up so it willbe a jouray with a LOT of pics you have been warned.
Tour poster

skinny jeans

Well on the weight loss front I have dropped a few pounds and have experienced what it is like to be stuck and what the hell a PB is ! your not joking out there it comes out of no where and says hello here is a treat for you! hope your not busy! I am down 54 pounds and it has moved around some

in a huge NSV I bought jeans the other day... I started in 42 and now I am in 34's and they buttoned right up!

but here is a pic of my smilling mug!
and cause it is beyond cute my neice in the hat Alice made

its a twister

I am not dead. much the opposite although with the weather around here it was a possibility. I am right in the center between the towns you have been reading about on CNN for tornados. But i am fine and so is the house but check out the pic my neighbor 5 houses down took!