Monday, October 31, 2011

Mix it up!!!!

Ok here is a fact I love music! all types and all kinds. So I like to share so I am mix tape maker. So here is the first. This one is a slower more melocholy selection of tunes to chill to and take our minds off hunger pains. If you down load it let me know and let me know what you think.

I just realized that I never posted my surgery date. It is Nov 17th. I am playing catch up history in the blog-o-sphere

The evil known as insurance

As we all know except for the self payers out there the insurance company is the big mean evil machine saying to us poor folks jump monkey jump! Let go through some hoops. Now i have some quality insurance no co pays and they pay 90% of everything so that part i can't complain about. Mind you i pay through the nose for it but my theory is i am coming out ahead cause i know i spend way more than i shell out (socked it to em for $300,000 in 2009) but i digress..

I started of going to St mary's bariatric center in louisville and go though my first seminar and met with a surgeon. They told me i fit the requirements of BMI and co morbities. MY bmi was not high enough on its own (38). The only main requirement was a 3 month supervised diet. So I am of to my GP and she is very pro lap band cause she knows i a medical time bomb.

So 2 months pass and my wife who in nursing school gets to talking to some teachers about the lap band and telling them I am going to St marys and they go you mean Dr. Dirty hands? huh ????????!!!!??? Well apparently they are not to clean over there so I make the move over to Suburban Bariatric center  which is brand new place and I talk to them and i find out my insurance needs 6 months (st marys cant ever read apparently) So i start the extra months of diet.

In the mean time i get some of my pre stuff out of the way THe nutritionist , and the psych eval. These are done at the bariatric center. Now at my first appointment they charged me $300 for lack of a better term membership fee. What does the $300 get unlimited access to the nutritionist, psych doctor, hookers and blow ;) and unlimited fills!!!! for the life of the band score!  after the meeting i am labeled sane enough to loose weight next step meet the surgeon.....

Sunday, October 30, 2011

all i said was i was going pee alot....

So how did I come to be in Lap-Band land? Well it's a story pull up a chair and i'll spill the tale....

I have always been big for my age even as a kid. I always thought i had a gut, looking back at the old pics i was a twig with a boney ass. So as I grew up with the nick name BigJim now add the fact I am straight edge ( if you need a definition of that ask or google) and have a long weird last name hence xbigjimx was born.

So I have high blood pressure , the kind when they take it they think the machine is either broken or they wonder how i am still alive. Sleep Apnea is another problem of mine (it is scary bad) but i use a cpap machine so that takes care of that. ..

SO about 2.5 years ago i go in for a physical and the doc is quizzing me about everything and i mention "hey doc i sure am peeing alot like every hour and i am always thirsty" she looked at me and out came the blood sugar machine and sure enough diabetic...awesome. 2 weeks later i get sent to the diabetes doc and he is inspecting my hands feet and neck and he feels my neck and utters the epic phrase...
"how long you had this mass in your neck"?
me: um what mass?
Doc: that mass
Me: thats my adams apple.
Doc: that thing behind the mass is your adams apple
Me: shit
Doc exactly
So a few test and biopsy and weeks later i get the call you dont want the one that says can you come into the office we have your test results. I was like i am fucked it is never good news when they make you come in. So i get told I have thyroid cancer (which is now in remission)

So how does this fit into the lap band well sit back true believers and you will see. I had to get 8 weeks of daily radiation. Now radiation has some side effects one of them is making food taste horrible. Everything i ate tasted like a took a handful of grease and rolled it in dirt and was eating it. So because of that i lost 50lbs. It was life changing everything was easier to do. From walking to tying my ice skates. I looked good and i felt good about my self. I kept the weight off for about a year and it slowly came back as i stretched my stomach out. this time when i was back to my original weight i felt the weight what  i didnt notice before was now just crushing me.

I have always kept and wore my weight well. Most people never guess my weight cause i am big proportionally and i have a good muscle structure and move well for a big guy but I am just over it i just want to feel normal and not have clothes fit horribly and be able to tuck my shirt in and have it look good.

 i am about 260-270 ish in these pics I got mad hops for upper 200's

This pic is just for fun :)

I can't remember how i first heard of the lap band but when i did it sounded like perfect solution cause portion control is my big thing, I can live with out desert  and I have given up sodas before. I just need to reel in the whole one plate is good 3 is great.

next chapter my journey through insurance

actors in this play...

I love pictures I think they make the blog so you will see em..yes you will So with out further ado here is the cast of characters...
(L to r)  Rachel, Alice, ME!!!!, David, and Michael

Now this saucy hot mama is  Alice. My best friend, wife, tag team wrestling partner, nurse etc We have been married 4 years, met on the internet, and she still loves me after she met me face to face

This is my angel Rachel. she is the mini me of her mom. now when i say angel i mean she is full of piss and viniger and likes to argue with me even when she is wrong but knows she has me wrapped around her finger unless it is about money cause i am tight!

This strapping young lad in Mike the middle boy. Now here are some mike bullet points

• Has a great heart and wears it on his sleeve
• Very athletic
• cares about clothes way more than any straight man should
• Can't drive to save his life

Now the youngest here is david. now david is miracle .. why you ask cause some how my sperm got to his mom 11 years before i met her cause this kid looks like me acts like me and gets in about as much trouble as i did.  He plays guitar like a boss and he brings the funny

Now this is Brutus... Brutus is what we in the industry like to call a hot mess... He is out little asthmatic, lazy eyed, flat faced , runt, 6 pounds of fury! I have many dogs in my life but this one is just plain rediculious. That face above will pop up out of no where and say ..."well hello there"

Last but certainly not least is Magic... Magic is the cat who picked me i did not pick her the first time she saw me as a kitten she fought and clawed her way up the couch and nuzzled in has not left since. She thinks she is a lady but she has no grace ( i shouldn't tell you she will take it out on me later) and is also know around the house as Fatty boom catty and yes she is wearing a pink spiked collar

and one to grow on...
Well here it goes the kick off , the puck drop , my adventure back into blog land. A little about me you ask, first things first my spelling sucks and I tend to not use punctuation very much it's not that i don't know how i just really don't care. My blog reads like my brain thinks and since this the inner monologue you get what you get :) With that out of the way we get back the the blog at had. I am no stranger to blogging i had a live journal for years and in fact i met my beautiful wife through blogging so lets hope this blog is just as good. now a few things about this guy...(with handy dandy bullet points)
• I am a 38 year old punk rock kid that is not having a mid life crisis because that would mean i actually grew up which did not happen
• I am married to the wonderful Miss Alice ( she just started a blog as well were tag teaming that blogging ass)
• I swear alot and tend to be graphic and sometime crass sorry in advance
• I am step dad to 3 wonderful kids  Rachel 20 Michael 18 and David 15
• I played in a toured many a band over the years ( 32 frames [you can hear prieviews in itunes], 3 nails for a false prophet, XinvictusX
• I also work as the Tech/driver/hired muscle ;) etc for band 7 Seconds since 99 ( ihave done most of my touring with them)
• I play hockey ( not well) but I do love it so
• My cat is an evil mistress that never lets me forget whos boss
• i am sure i will come up with more....

Now why am I here this time around. Well I am getting a Lapland and i thought i should document my adventures and because of girl i don't know named Amy.  Amy has a wonderful blog (The Awesome)that i am sure many of you know and if you don't get on it. Over the last week I have been reading like a novel. It is very good but I must admit I have been craving and drinking Sunkist lately and i am not ever a big fan but for some reason i am now craving it.