Sunday, October 30, 2011

Well here it goes the kick off , the puck drop , my adventure back into blog land. A little about me you ask, first things first my spelling sucks and I tend to not use punctuation very much it's not that i don't know how i just really don't care. My blog reads like my brain thinks and since this the inner monologue you get what you get :) With that out of the way we get back the the blog at had. I am no stranger to blogging i had a live journal for years and in fact i met my beautiful wife through blogging so lets hope this blog is just as good. now a few things about this guy...(with handy dandy bullet points)
• I am a 38 year old punk rock kid that is not having a mid life crisis because that would mean i actually grew up which did not happen
• I am married to the wonderful Miss Alice ( she just started a blog as well were tag teaming that blogging ass)
• I swear alot and tend to be graphic and sometime crass sorry in advance
• I am step dad to 3 wonderful kids  Rachel 20 Michael 18 and David 15
• I played in a toured many a band over the years ( 32 frames [you can hear prieviews in itunes], 3 nails for a false prophet, XinvictusX
• I also work as the Tech/driver/hired muscle ;) etc for band 7 Seconds since 99 ( ihave done most of my touring with them)
• I play hockey ( not well) but I do love it so
• My cat is an evil mistress that never lets me forget whos boss
• i am sure i will come up with more....

Now why am I here this time around. Well I am getting a Lapland and i thought i should document my adventures and because of girl i don't know named Amy.  Amy has a wonderful blog (The Awesome)that i am sure many of you know and if you don't get on it. Over the last week I have been reading like a novel. It is very good but I must admit I have been craving and drinking Sunkist lately and i am not ever a big fan but for some reason i am now craving it.

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