Monday, October 29, 2012

to infinity and beyond

Morning true believers. your old pal Jim here with a news flash....not really but it sure sounded cool huh? no..... oh welll. Anywho  I am on day 21 in a row of 12 hour shifts. Tomorrow is a day off then I have Saturday of for the Bruce springsteen show and THats it till christmas. Yep you read that correctly. Yeah it sucks but the checks are amazing.
But on the good front the scale clicked down to 208.8 Almost my goal wait and my one year banderversery coming up so I am sure I will have something special planned. Just wanted to check in. Oh and read more comic books people seriouly your missing out

Friday, October 19, 2012

glass ceiling

Well I finally cracked that glass celing that elusive 210. Got on the scale this morrning and BOOM! 209.2 !!! Only 9.3 from my original goal ( original was 200 but I want 199.9 I want to hit onederland!)

So if I keep working I might hit my goal on my one year anniversary.

You want to know what broke it for me.....started drinking my water again

Thursday, October 11, 2012

On a happy note cause I am a post whore

I love calvin and hobbes ( along with a few other cartoon strips...bloom county) Nothing brings me to emo meloncholy tears quicker than these characters But some one did 4 strips continuing the strip and really captured the magic...

Riddle me this

Ok this is one of those things where there is no answer to the riddle.... Now what is the number #1 Bandster rule....CHEW YOUR FOOD TILL IT IS MUSH!!!! Well what do you do when you have no lower mollars anymore? It is offical I have no lower chewing teeth. Try this experiment next time you eat try and crew it up only using your front teeth now you cant turn the food in the side of your mouth the gums are stiched shut there. this is my life ( oh on bonus I got dry socket on both sides as well)

THis picture came into my view

This pic came to my attention today THis was from a work ID and this is when I was at my heavest I was just at 300 in this. On the left now on the right is me when I was at my thinist before band now this was when I was in 5 weeks after  daily radiation treatment from cancer  for 8 weeks. I was about 270 ish (ignore the dates)

Now this is me right now
... Thanks lap band

And this is me looking all swave

And this is me with helmet hair ( dont judge me I scored 2 goals and 1 assist)

My comments to Dandy Bandy turn into posts

 There isnt a day that goes by that I go through the gambit of emotion that goes with the thoughts of How did I get to this size, I dont remember being this small, How the hell did I get to that weight, please dont let me get back to that size. I really havn't bought any new clothes since my weight loss. Other than jeans because that was a must buy, but everything else Shirts, Underware, coat are still my old size. Not sure why I have not said the hell with it and just go shopping (other than being cheap) I think there is part of me that is just scared. But I do love the fact of grabbing a shirt out of the closet that was labeled as to damn tight and now it is very loose. Thank god I have had the band merch at the house so I could raid it for clothes that fit and the record label sending me clothing packages ( all med and lrg shirts I was in XXL )