Thursday, October 11, 2012

My comments to Dandy Bandy turn into posts

 There isnt a day that goes by that I go through the gambit of emotion that goes with the thoughts of How did I get to this size, I dont remember being this small, How the hell did I get to that weight, please dont let me get back to that size. I really havn't bought any new clothes since my weight loss. Other than jeans because that was a must buy, but everything else Shirts, Underware, coat are still my old size. Not sure why I have not said the hell with it and just go shopping (other than being cheap) I think there is part of me that is just scared. But I do love the fact of grabbing a shirt out of the closet that was labeled as to damn tight and now it is very loose. Thank god I have had the band merch at the house so I could raid it for clothes that fit and the record label sending me clothing packages ( all med and lrg shirts I was in XXL )

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