Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Well remember that broken tooth… well i called the dentist this morning and told them I broke a tooth and i need it pulled. She said get you get here by 9 I said sure so i clock out of work and drive there get in the chair take X-rays and then she asks if i would like take care of another tooth at the same time? Um aren't you pulling this one today"
"oh no we don't do extractions"

"WHAT IN THE FUCKITY FUCK, thats why i came here I clock out of work to get this thing pulled"

So the soonest they could see me was next friday

Take 2 I call a new dentist that does extractions and he can see me tomorrow, but since my jaw has been radiated they need to talk to my doctors and all his jazz ( i have been though this before it 2 weeks to get clearance)

So I said fuck it I went in to the bathroom with my leatherman and just pulled the damn thing myself

Problem solved , problem staying solved


  1. Um, as a dental hygienist, ( who also worked for an oral surgeon) that freaks me out. I hope you were able to remove the full length of the root ( if not, you could still have infection left in the tooth socket.) Also, I think you said earlier it was a lower back tooth? Lower molars (back teeth) are notoriously prone to getting "dry sockets" which are VERY painful. This is further complicated by your previous head/neck radiation.

    Standard post- op instructions for an extraction are 1) no smoking 2) no drinking through straws 3) no vigorous swishing or gargling for at least 5 days 4) if you have swelling of the jaw, your face is warm/hot adjacent to the extraction site, or you have fever over 100 degrees F contact your doctor/dentist immediately.

    I hope all goes well and your healing is swift.

    1. I am sure there is still some in there. I will be headed to the dentest when they can finally get the approval and work me in. The tooth was mostly gone and root canaled the center came out along time ago and a dentist basicly made a square form and filled it with resin and made a "tooth" on that side Everytime a dentist sees it they are like what the hell is that. but in all honesty it was one of the best dental work I ever had done. I am taking penicillan just in case
      But thanks for looking out

  2. oh my god...you men are stubborn! GO TO THE DENTIST and get it fixed the correct way! :P

  3. I have been soooo tempted to do that in the past, toothache pain is the worst fuckin pain ever you cant even think with a tooth ache grrr I am getting mad at my teeth just thinking about it... haha my dad pulled out a tooth before and threw in the floor poured sugar on it and said ache now you son of a bitch lol .... feel better..