Monday, September 10, 2012

Throwing down the goal gauntlet

You know i have not really set any "goals" to be achieved at any certian time, but i think i will try one  here it is ... I want to be in oneder-land before my 1 year anniversery 1 by 1 if you will. It is ot that far off.  I figure if i actually excersise and stay out of the ice cream shop it will be a no problem type goal.

But speaking of things that do not help towards the goal. I went camping for the first time this week end. It was a pow-wow so there was fair food!!! No I cant really eat fair food anymore since bread does not go down. But there was the frozen yogert and ice cream tent...DAMN you baskin robbins. all in all i did not gain which in my head means I would of lost if i ate right ;)

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