Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Well remember that broken tooth… well i called the dentist this morning and told them I broke a tooth and i need it pulled. She said get you get here by 9 I said sure so i clock out of work and drive there get in the chair take X-rays and then she asks if i would like take care of another tooth at the same time? Um aren't you pulling this one today"
"oh no we don't do extractions"

"WHAT IN THE FUCKITY FUCK, thats why i came here I clock out of work to get this thing pulled"

So the soonest they could see me was next friday

Take 2 I call a new dentist that does extractions and he can see me tomorrow, but since my jaw has been radiated they need to talk to my doctors and all his jazz ( i have been though this before it 2 weeks to get clearance)

So I said fuck it I went in to the bathroom with my leatherman and just pulled the damn thing myself

Problem solved , problem staying solved

Monday, September 10, 2012

HUGE VICTORY and a suck shit one

Ok i have a really good thing happen today and a really crappy one. Good one I looked up average height and weight of a NHL player and it was 6'1" and 204. I am 6'2" 212 so with the extra inch I am the average NHL player a professional athlete. Bad new I have a lower back tooth getting ready to fall out.
My most resent skinny pics

Throwing down the goal gauntlet

You know i have not really set any "goals" to be achieved at any certian time, but i think i will try one  here it is ... I want to be in oneder-land before my 1 year anniversery 1 by 1 if you will. It is ot that far off.  I figure if i actually excersise and stay out of the ice cream shop it will be a no problem type goal.

But speaking of things that do not help towards the goal. I went camping for the first time this week end. It was a pow-wow so there was fair food!!! No I cant really eat fair food anymore since bread does not go down. But there was the frozen yogert and ice cream tent...DAMN you baskin robbins. all in all i did not gain which in my head means I would of lost if i ate right ;)