Monday, January 16, 2012

HAppy Birthday Weekend FTW

My birthday is not til tomorrow but I will  the first to admit i did not give one single fuck about what I ate this bday weekend. Mind you I kept the portions small and such but the items ate well that was a different story the following offenenders were eaten..
Sausage and Garlic Pizza
Chocolate Milk
A snickers Bar
Ice Cream Cake
Baked Mannioctti
Don't know how it affected the weight and dont care it was my b day :)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Why am i shouting this from the cyber rooftops? Cause i am not Obese! Yes i have move down in BMI I am 29.9  which puts me in the overweight catagory!!!!

SO let talk about this thurday weigh in... I am at 232.6 lbs from my original 277 for a grand total of 44.4 lbs!! the weight is moving again yay!!!!!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

A little more rock and roll

Well I have been meaning to do this project for a while and since I have been doing projects when I have been home ( keeping busy mean less eating at home) So What i wanted was a collection of all the versions and records/ cds i have released. So this is all the pressings minus a few cd comps. I always imaged if I had an office at work I could hang this there.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Why men loose weight

The real reason men want to loose weight...  We all talk about wanting to feel better , look better, be healthier..blah blah blah let talk the real reason we want are dicks to be bigger. according to Dr OZ for every 30 pounds you loose your penis will "grow" an inch. Does actually get bigger no but there has been hidden penis!!!! the fat has been smothering away those precious inches!! so me go on the quest drop the weight go for the holy penis!. If not for just the simple pleasure of making it swing much to every ones dismay ;)
So men drop the weight and soon you will be Honking boat horns like you were Tommy Lee!

Filler up!

In my random bitching about not loosing weight I forgot to mention I had my first fill.
According to the doc I had no fluid in my 9cc realize band. So he went with the max first fill of 4cc. So he has me take my shirt off and lay down on the table. MY port is right out in the front so it was an easy find, so ready aim STAB! and he has me tighten my stomach and then pushed in and hear it enter the port. So he injects in the 4 cc's and goes ok now sit up…. IF you have not been following I still have the Pulp Fiction sized needle in me. So i swing my legs and sit up and he hands me a glass a water to drink ( the needle is just dangling there) I drink some water no problem and i Lay back down and ten pulls the needle. And tells me see you in a month for the second fill. Doc said he would be aggressive with the fills as i would like to get me to the "sweet spot". Usually he does it 4 sessions.
 for the perfect 7.5 cc

Monday, January 2, 2012


Woke up to this yesterday. Went to take a bite of a something and this was in my mouth just moving around. Yep thats a tooth. not a peice but the whole thing or at least 3/4 of it. I swear radiation can kiss my ass


Well i am not one to complain but i will ;) I seem to have hit my first plateau. The scale is not moving since i got my first fill. Not sure if this is normal. I was tearing it up before the fill then brakes !!!!! i have gone up a pound as well but that could be water for all i know. I started back at the gym this morning so I hope that will break the stall. Hockey starts next week as well. But i just started loosing and darn it i want more :)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

All things Molly

Hey the closest thing i have to a sister is blogging again. It is not a weight loss blog but she can write her ass off so check her out SUPER MOLLY!