Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Filler up!

In my random bitching about not loosing weight I forgot to mention I had my first fill.
According to the doc I had no fluid in my 9cc realize band. So he went with the max first fill of 4cc. So he has me take my shirt off and lay down on the table. MY port is right out in the front so it was an easy find, so ready aim STAB! and he has me tighten my stomach and then pushed in and hear it enter the port. So he injects in the 4 cc's and goes ok now sit up…. IF you have not been following I still have the Pulp Fiction sized needle in me. So i swing my legs and sit up and he hands me a glass a water to drink ( the needle is just dangling there) I drink some water no problem and i Lay back down and ten pulls the needle. And tells me see you in a month for the second fill. Doc said he would be aggressive with the fills as i would like to get me to the "sweet spot". Usually he does it 4 sessions.
 for the perfect 7.5 cc


  1. Sounds like it went well, my first fill was done under Fluro at the hospital and he had to stick me four times before getting the port. So count your blessings!

    I hope it works well for you!

  2. Wow... I had 2CC my first fill and then 2CC my second fill, which went badly cause I couldnt eat anything for a week, so they had to unfill me of 1CC.