Monday, January 2, 2012


Well i am not one to complain but i will ;) I seem to have hit my first plateau. The scale is not moving since i got my first fill. Not sure if this is normal. I was tearing it up before the fill then brakes !!!!! i have gone up a pound as well but that could be water for all i know. I started back at the gym this morning so I hope that will break the stall. Hockey starts next week as well. But i just started loosing and darn it i want more :)


  1. how frustrating! I hope that getting to the gym helps with that and good luck!

  2. So frustrating! We've all been there! It will start to go down again soon.

  3. I bet it'll start going back in the right direction soon, probably is just some water weight from NYE, if you had a nice dinner with the family or a couple beers or something. No worries!