Sunday, October 30, 2011

all i said was i was going pee alot....

So how did I come to be in Lap-Band land? Well it's a story pull up a chair and i'll spill the tale....

I have always been big for my age even as a kid. I always thought i had a gut, looking back at the old pics i was a twig with a boney ass. So as I grew up with the nick name BigJim now add the fact I am straight edge ( if you need a definition of that ask or google) and have a long weird last name hence xbigjimx was born.

So I have high blood pressure , the kind when they take it they think the machine is either broken or they wonder how i am still alive. Sleep Apnea is another problem of mine (it is scary bad) but i use a cpap machine so that takes care of that. ..

SO about 2.5 years ago i go in for a physical and the doc is quizzing me about everything and i mention "hey doc i sure am peeing alot like every hour and i am always thirsty" she looked at me and out came the blood sugar machine and sure enough diabetic...awesome. 2 weeks later i get sent to the diabetes doc and he is inspecting my hands feet and neck and he feels my neck and utters the epic phrase...
"how long you had this mass in your neck"?
me: um what mass?
Doc: that mass
Me: thats my adams apple.
Doc: that thing behind the mass is your adams apple
Me: shit
Doc exactly
So a few test and biopsy and weeks later i get the call you dont want the one that says can you come into the office we have your test results. I was like i am fucked it is never good news when they make you come in. So i get told I have thyroid cancer (which is now in remission)

So how does this fit into the lap band well sit back true believers and you will see. I had to get 8 weeks of daily radiation. Now radiation has some side effects one of them is making food taste horrible. Everything i ate tasted like a took a handful of grease and rolled it in dirt and was eating it. So because of that i lost 50lbs. It was life changing everything was easier to do. From walking to tying my ice skates. I looked good and i felt good about my self. I kept the weight off for about a year and it slowly came back as i stretched my stomach out. this time when i was back to my original weight i felt the weight what  i didnt notice before was now just crushing me.

I have always kept and wore my weight well. Most people never guess my weight cause i am big proportionally and i have a good muscle structure and move well for a big guy but I am just over it i just want to feel normal and not have clothes fit horribly and be able to tuck my shirt in and have it look good.

 i am about 260-270 ish in these pics I got mad hops for upper 200's

This pic is just for fun :)

I can't remember how i first heard of the lap band but when i did it sounded like perfect solution cause portion control is my big thing, I can live with out desert  and I have given up sodas before. I just need to reel in the whole one plate is good 3 is great.

next chapter my journey through insurance

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  1. Hi! Thanks for the email :-)

    I am so happy to see a male bandster blog. There are so few of you in the banded blogosphere. I can't wait to read about your perspective on the journey.

    I'll be checking back often to read your updates.