Sunday, October 30, 2011

actors in this play...

I love pictures I think they make the blog so you will see em..yes you will So with out further ado here is the cast of characters...
(L to r)  Rachel, Alice, ME!!!!, David, and Michael

Now this saucy hot mama is  Alice. My best friend, wife, tag team wrestling partner, nurse etc We have been married 4 years, met on the internet, and she still loves me after she met me face to face

This is my angel Rachel. she is the mini me of her mom. now when i say angel i mean she is full of piss and viniger and likes to argue with me even when she is wrong but knows she has me wrapped around her finger unless it is about money cause i am tight!

This strapping young lad in Mike the middle boy. Now here are some mike bullet points

• Has a great heart and wears it on his sleeve
• Very athletic
• cares about clothes way more than any straight man should
• Can't drive to save his life

Now the youngest here is david. now david is miracle .. why you ask cause some how my sperm got to his mom 11 years before i met her cause this kid looks like me acts like me and gets in about as much trouble as i did.  He plays guitar like a boss and he brings the funny

Now this is Brutus... Brutus is what we in the industry like to call a hot mess... He is out little asthmatic, lazy eyed, flat faced , runt, 6 pounds of fury! I have many dogs in my life but this one is just plain rediculious. That face above will pop up out of no where and say ..."well hello there"

Last but certainly not least is Magic... Magic is the cat who picked me i did not pick her the first time she saw me as a kitten she fought and clawed her way up the couch and nuzzled in has not left since. She thinks she is a lady but she has no grace ( i shouldn't tell you she will take it out on me later) and is also know around the house as Fatty boom catty and yes she is wearing a pink spiked collar

and one to grow on...


  1. HEY! I'm your first follower yay! I just got banded and stated blogging as well. Please check me out, good lyck to you and your journey!

    Ps. You have a beautiful family! :)

  2. Whoo hooo!!! i got a follower!! Checking out your blog now

  3. Love this post and your comments for each picture. Good luck dude!

  4. Beautiful family! Looking forward to following your lap-band adventure.