Monday, November 7, 2011

I was unavoidably detained

Sorry it has been  a couple of days but as you can see from the picture totally not my fault. Fatty Boom Catty was saying blogging will not be happening today.

Friday was my EKG and it went with out a hitch. It went rather quick actually. I think it took longer to put the nipple stickers on. Which is the part we all look forward too, who does not love nipple stickers!

As the day draws closer i am getting anxious I just want to get the ball rolling and looking forward to the ol weigh ins. I have been weighing in daily and I have been holding regardless of eating like shit. Which makes me wonder how much I can loose when I actually am trying. I put in 3000 calories or more easy a day and still maintain. So at 1200 are these pounds going to come flying off? hmmm makes you wonder


  1. You'll be at your goal weight, in like.. a week. LOL

    btw.. sorry I'm so unresponsive and grouchy lately. I love you.

  2. it's ok you put up with my grouchy mc groucherson butt all the time besides we need refills and I love you to!!!!