Wednesday, November 30, 2011

one gut staple free!

Had my doctor follow up today. As much as i wanted to go I so didn't wan to go. I work nights so the day before going back to work i flip back to nights by staying up all night. Well I get the family up in the mornign and get them out the door and try to go to bed. The key word is "try" I layed there for about 30 minutes which for me is 29 minutes longer than it should take. I then got up and did not fall asleep till 11 ish I had to be up at 2 for the doctor. uuuggggggg! But i went, lucky for me it was uber quick i was out in an hour total. First step was them removing the staples!!! So much better I was so over the staples. So after that the doc comes in and he looks at the wounds and was like ok looks great any questions and he was out of there. Must of had a golf game. Any way I got my appointment for my first fill which is Dec 28th! I really for the most part haven't been to hungry the mushies are going good

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