Sunday, August 19, 2012

feeling creative sunday

Ok who would love a mix? I know YOU would so if you want some new music to tickle your ears all you need to do is pick a work, subject or feeling to be the thee of the mix and  your email address to send it to and you get a personal cstome rmix (if you HATE a certian type of music give me a heads up) ...Alright who is game DJ BANDSTERLICIOUS is open to make mix tapes!


  1. I love all things DISCO and 70s rock music.

    Or my addy: PO BOX 11, TYNDALL, SD

  2. I love ska, punk, riot girl and raggae

  3. Can you make a kids mix? Like good songs that don't have cussing that I can play in the car with my kiddos?