Friday, December 7, 2012

At what point do you decide you should have the rest of you teeth pulled and go from the partial to full dentures on the lower jaw


  1. There are a lot things to consider. I will say that a lower denture is much more difficult to wear. Are you having issues with your lower front teeth? Difficulty with the partial? What exactly is making you ponder this concern?

    1. it is the lower. Basically i had 8 weeks of direct beam radation which killed my teeth. I have had the back 4 molars removed this year. And tonight I cracked the next one in line. I have still not gotten a partial yet. Now it has only been 2 months since i had the last ones removed. So I hate to get a partial and then have to get another when another tooth goes. Plus getting a tooth pulled every few months is getting old ( this will be number 5 this year) But I know its one of those things you should keep your real teeth for as long as humanly possible. So basically it seems I am at a cross roads

  2. That is certainly understandable. Since your tooth loss is a side effect of the radiation and not merely lack of hygiene it seems you are indeed fighting a losing battle. Are the teeth decaying and then breaking or just simply disintegrating? Are you using any fluoride supplements to help strengthen the remaining teeth?

    Do you live close to a dental school?? If so you my be able to be seen by the students (they are supervised by instructors and the fees are generally lower than in private offices) especially because f your situation being post radiation. They may be able to work you through a solution that allows you to maintain your