Thursday, May 17, 2012


Well I got back from tour and it is time to confess my food sins to you the church of lapious bandious. I'll be the first to admit it I ate like shit on this trip. Now mind you the band kept the portions under control and I did avoid soft drinks (which was hard cause all the coke is in glass bottles) but here are the list of offenses ... Cheese and lots of it, gourmet cupcakes, ice cream, pizza, chocolate, gummi candy, chips, hot chocolate, a ltr of juice a day, grazing over everything. I mean seriously if it looked good i ate it. but grand total for the trip ...3lbs only 3 pounds and some of that was muscle mass cause i moved alot of heavy things around. Getting back on track is hard now that i am home and not burning calories like it was going out of style. but i am getting a grip. May have to get my 3rd fill. But i know i am going to do a liquid and mushy reset in the futures

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