Friday, May 18, 2012


I have a friend named Vique. She is very awesome person I met years ago and she is English. I love Vique very much for various reasons but I will tell of this resent story. She recently has lost alot of weight mostly from very hard work especially in the gym. So she likes to bust my balls about how I "Cheated" She lives in California and I stopped by for  visit on the way out for tour. We went to In and Out burger since I have never had one. Now she had not seen me since I lost all my weight or have has not seen me eat which is very little.  So i eat my half a burger patty and some fries. And I make the comment I should not of had that last fry. And she asks why and explain when your done eating your done eating and dont push it. So we sit there for 10 more minutes and you all now what happens when you sit with food in front of you for that long you graze. So I pick up a fry and toss it in my mouth and Vique reaches down and snatches that tray from in front of me and walks it over to the trash and chucks it in the bin and looks at me and say i thought you said you were done.....Thats why i love that girl

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  1. Thats a great Friend! I have a great friend who saw me take a bite of danish...she then grabbed my head - pinched my nose, dragged me to a garbage and made me spit it out! ha!