Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I am not sure what restriction is. What i mean is I read all the time about how everyone has to sip there water down and such. When it comes to liquids I can slam down anything. Chug Gatorade, protein shake all off it. my band is over half full just curious when liquids will go down slow


  1. I think it varies for different people. During the day, I can eat pretty much anything so long as I chew well. First thing in the morning though, only coffee will go down and then I need to sip very very slowly. A glass of milk or juice and I get stuck, slime etc. It's a serious pain in the backside but I have the right level of restriction during the day and liquids go down properly after the coffee.

  2. I am really really tight and liquids always go down easy protein shakes a little slower ~ i have 8.5cc in a 10cc band

  3. I was never able to chug liquid with my band ever, in fact I could feel it trickling through my band, that is how tight I was, and I was this way without any FILL!!! I only had two fills in my band in 4 years, some considered me lucky, I am not so sure.

    Every person is different with the band, because everyone's bodies are different. How you react to stress, or better yet, how your body does will determine how your band reacts. If you are the type to have inflammation or swelling, then your band may become tight, when stressed, or emotional things happen.

    Over time, I was able to determine what my band was doing, I would swear I could feel it. That is one reason I knew it was my band, when the god awful pain began back in February.

    I believe that the longer you have the band, the more in tune you will become with it. Sometimes my dear there is no rhyme or reason to why the band reacts one way, and then later on another.

    As we bandsters like to say, these bands can be fickle!

    I had the original band a 4cc Allergen! I had 2cc in it before it was removed.

  4. I can chug liquids too, no matter what time of day. And yet, this morning I had trouble with a runny egg. I don't get it, either.

    I also have no idea how much I have in my band. I totally forgot to ask.

  5. I've always been able to chug liquids, but just cuz I can doesn't mean that I do chug.

    The band's job isn't to restrict, but to reduce/eliminate hunger.

    I want some gatorade. yum!