Friday, June 22, 2012

Triple T in full effect

1. Saw my good friend Vique from CA today never see her enough. We got to catch up do our best to make each other cry from sharing good things
2. Got more tattoo work done session 3 to be exact

3. I recently got my wife a newer car so I inturn got The Dodge Magnum back so now I can clean it and pimp it out in style cause i get to drive it. I spent literly 3 days cleaning the inside of it. It is amazing how dirty kids can make a car. So 3 magic sponges later it is clean.
4. I am a computer operator by trade but I like to make things so i decided to make a new shifter for said car here it is

5. Had a huge piece of Key lime pie today

6. here is a picture of your host from the other morning

7 My niece really likes broccoli

8. looks like I am booking a cruise for me and the misses in October going to mexico out of the prt of new orleans
9 got a fill coming up but i dont remember when must check and find out

10 my sons band recorded there first demo the other day...not bad


  1. adorable picture of your niece...mexico cruise sounds great!

  2. I'm lovin the ink! and that picture of your niece is one in a million! You couldn't have got a better picture if you tried! I've never been on a cruise....I think I want to make that a weight loss goal... maybe when I hit my goal weight?

    1. it's a great goal to give your self they are pretty cheap vacation but beware the food is unlimited (thank god for the band)