Monday, July 2, 2012

• holy deal stepped on the scale this morning and it reads 212!!! This my lowest weight in memory!

• I missed my fill appointment so I had to reschedule for aug boo!

• I am working the polar opposite shift of my wife on the days i works . Me on days her on nights. We high five each other as we drive past each other on the street.

• I have been working on my car a lot. Since it is mine and not the family car I got to make my ride look nice (well as nice as a 2005 can) I'll post pics soon.

• I have also been working out laying out a my friends book she wrote. I pretty excited by this I have never laid out a book before.


  1. WOW, look how close to goal you are! I can't wait till 212... That will be the lowest I've been since I can remember. Sucks being on a different shift as your wife, do have days off together at least?

    1. youll be there soon enough:)
      yes we have the same days off thank god! 12 hour shifts do not work well with trying to have quality time

  2. how exciting, you're ticker up there is soooooo close to the 200 i just wanna slide it over with my finger lol congrats! Hope life isnt going by TOO fast for you guys with those schedules!!

  3. awesome! 212... enjoy those days off together, make 'em count!