Monday, December 26, 2011


Did a goal update for the post Christmas crossed a few things off the list like I was Santa Himself. I dsided to do all my figures from preop start weight instead of surgery date to avoid confusion . But whats new you ask well I went Ice skating and sure enough got those skates on with out breathing hard or getting to one knee, now this could be a double NSV if i can repeat the feat while i am wearing hockey pads. I also skated for a good hour and never got winded.
Also hit the 237 mark over the holidays boom 40 pounds down!!!

What are my goals?…….

• tie my skates with out breathing hard
• Tie my skates while in a sitting position not have to get on one knee
• have my gut be even with my chest
• fit comfortable in a XL t shirt
• be off my blood pressure meds
• Not need diabetic meds
• Bench press my weight 5x
• get rid of man tits
• look good in my favorite shirt from 1999

Weight goals

267 lbs 10 pounds down
249 lbs ( i have never been able to break the 250 mark)
257 lbs 20 pounds down
248 lbs 30 pounds down
237 lbs 40 pounds down

227 lbs 50 pounds down
217 lbs 60 pounds down
207 lbs 70 pounds down
197 lbs 80 pounds down
187 lbs 90 pounds down The final goal BMI 24.1 and a normal weight 


  1. That is the best Christmas gift you could have given yourself :o)

  2. Awesome goals my friend. And a NSV too! :-)

  3. How awesome is that! It's the greatest feeling knowing that the pounds are slowly melting off!

  4. You go, Jim!! I look forward to following the progress!! Post your links to your facebook when you update- I listed myself as a "follower" but I don't know if it will tell me when you post something new. Have a great New Year, my friend, and start the Birthday-gras countdown.... NOW!