Sunday, December 11, 2011

good vibrations

I was reading a new blog and it reminded me of a story. When my daughter was younger she found my wifes "facial massager"  and proceeded to massage her face with much to Alices horror. Fast daughter is now 20 and lives on her own and i was dropping of some furniture. and there is stuff is various stages of unpack. I look on the floor and see a instruction manual like for a toaster or an iron but its not i recognize it as the instruction manual for the "Hitachi magic wand" known in the world as the be all end all Cadillac of vibrators. So she comes back on the room and i call her over and put my arm around her and say darlin future advise next time mom and dad come over you might want to put some things up and i point to the manual. ahhh revenge is sweet


  1. Hehehe... Parents can be so cruel :o) mind you, this almost makes me wish I was a parent so that I could do that :o)