Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Going for the cup!

My wife says I need to bond with my middle son more. I agree we never have found that common ground to bond on. The youngest is a mini me so he was no problem, and the daughter was easy cause I get along with girls better than guys. But mike was a different matter so I desided to enroll him my Hockey league as well as the youngest. The boys have never played hockey, so this should be intresting. The league is made to teach people how to play so that will be good. Mike is a natural athlete so I am curious how fast he will get good at this. I know he will be fast as hell so stay tuned to see us win the Kinslow cup

Me in the last cup game

Admit it you love my rainbow gloves


  1. I admit it, I love the rainbow gloves! The hockey sounds like a great way for you and your sons to bond.

  2. I do love the rainbow gloves.

    I'm sure your son will be excited about spending more time with you.

  3. Rainbow gloves make it easy to pick you out of the crowd. :)

  4. Those rainbow gloves would be fun in Jazzercise to do "Jazz Hands" Just saying....in case you were looking to expand your exercise opportunities. :) LOL