Monday, December 19, 2011


Well I got my first Christmas done ... first of four!! I actually got through it with out adding any pounds so that is very good thing. I admit it is very tough mainly cause I am a grazer. I love to pick and snack on the holidays. I will admit i am picking on the holiday but i am going to enjoy the holiday some. Speaking of holidays i was out shopping and I stopped to meet a friend at Starbucks and i was in the mood for eggnog. So i asked do you have plain old eggnog? sure the Batista answered would you like it warm and i thought hmmm hot chocolate is good maybe hot eggnog would have the same tummy warming goodness. Well it doesn't he atastes like a mouth full of Porcupine semen!!! good god it was horrid. But moving on...
My parents xmas was good got to hand with brother and family and scored big time on the jersey front. Jerseys were he only clothing I asked for cause they still look good big.


  1. Now that is a lot of jerseys :o)

  2. you have to love imported jerseys:) 2 of them my dad bought for himself but then they did not fit so it was bonus for me

  3. hmmm...sorry to hear of the eggnog disappointment! I've never tried the stuff, and probably never will after the semen comment! hehehe

  4. Love the Pens jersey.
    Sydney is my boy. My dog is even named Sydney after him. I will be at the game tonight.